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Play test the game Be aware that there are scam websites that will try to get you to pay for your own equipment in order to get a job testing games. Be sure to read the articles on interviewing — and, good luck! September 27, at 1: I would highly appreciate if you could give me a rundown on where to start, What requirements i need, Where i need to go and a overall estimate on how much this would cost me. And if you lose the job, would you have to send the equipment back? And which type of programming language must be important.

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What exactly does a game tester do?

I am scared to shoot for a testing job and work in college only to fail out use lack of computing skills and art skills. I have a vivid immagination. I can look around my home state and turn it futuristic ot post apocolyptic or alien without even closing my eyes.

But afraid to mess up. Should I go with a normal mundane job, or risk it? In essence, im your peer xD advice? If you want to pursue a career making games, you need to figure out how to turn that passion into a skill set that you can use. I actually do think that getting a job as a tester could be a good place for you to start, because you could use your attention and focus to make money while you learn about the process of making games.

Then after a while, you may start to see which other roles might be good for you to get into, for example you might make a good game producer. But you have to start somewhere — nobody is going to pay you to play games all day! You need to start learning a skill set, and one skill set that might come naturally to you is a Game Tester. Or, if you want to be a game programmer, then a degree in computer science. It was at an anime convention and they had a demo for it up and running.

I found the game itself kind of slow and a little boring but when I clicked on the trees they would either disappear or, if they were dead, flicker back to life. I thought it was so cool that I immediately started looking for more bugs that the creator had missed, he was right at the table so it was easy to show it to him. If you could give me any insight it would be helpful. Thank you for getting back to me! I know that Gameloft has an office in my area, New Orleans, do you know if they do any internships?

Although getting info on them, short of Wikipedia, has been difficult. I was also looking into Atlus, because again they produce games that I find interesting. It seems that the only jobs that they are hiring for right now are Japanese to English translators. I would recommend setting up a LinkedIn profile, and that can be your online resume.

Thank you for the advice and knowledge on Game Testers. I am currently in college taking the Game Simulation and Development program. How would I find a stepping stone for becoming a game play tester?

Hey i have a question regarding bug reports. After reading your column I felt inspire and signed up for a company but something that is not clear although I did my reaserch in bug report. But you should ask your employer to clarify what they want, since every company has different requirements.

I play games all day it is my own personal therapy and passion,I teach other gamers and explore all aspects of the game I am playing. I find all there is to do and secrets to find then move on to the next game. My question to you is how can I make a living doing this, I spend so much time and dedication playing games,I feel I should get paid!

Please send me some guidelines to help me get started on this path. Thank you for your time. Well April, like I said in the article — nobody will pay you for just playing games. But every great game developer starts out as a great game player — so start thinking about a plan for turning all that enthusiasm into a career in design, programming, art or another game job! Hey Jason, You said that companies would lend testers the hardware needed to complete their tasks.

Is there a fee to use their equipment? PC, XBox, Wii, etc. This next question is kinda off topic, but were you, at a time, ever a game tester? If so, was is for a big company? A lot of people are going to want to apply for the positions. The reports about the bug found.

Would you lose the job? And if you lose the job, would you have to send the equipment back? I will, however; take your advice and apply for positions that are most fit for me. One last question before I conclude this comment.

Or will I have to learn as I go individually? Hi Mario — Yes, I was a game tester for about a year at a game studio called KnowWonder they no longer exist.

The studio will usually provide the hardware as part of the job. Plenty to keep every tester busy! In most testing jobs, you will have a Lead Tester that is your manager. They will show you the ropes and help you learn your way around. Kinda wish there were more people like you that are actually willing to answer our questions haha. Could you please tell what can I expect on interview?

What are the typical tests for the candidates? How can I master my skills and prepare to the selection of the aspirants? I know the best way to gain experience is to work as a tester but how can I increase my chances here at home? But there are certain types of questions that you should be prepared for.

Some examples are questions about things like:. Hello i was just wondering im a freshman in highschool 1. Usually 16 years old in the USA. I can talk about them for hours. I would love to make this into a career so I would like to be able to have some degrees and proper knowledge to make my resume more impressive, and eventually climb the ladder. You could start by finding out whether you are more attracted to art, or to programming, or design. Check out the Quest for Your Career articles to learn more about each one — once you find something that sounds interesting, then you can start thinking about how to pursue it.

I live in South-Africa and love to play video games but to become a videogame tester woul I have to move to America. Gerdus, you would not need to move the the USA to test games, there are game-testing companies all over the world. HI, I noticed that most of you guys, if not all of you are adults.

Well I am in 8th grade. I play video games whenever I can. Some days not at all, other up to 6 hrs. I would like you guys to give me some about were I should go or what I should do to accomplish this. Hi Kyler, your parents will want you and rightly so to pick a career that has more long-term growth potential, like Game Programmer or Game Artist.

Think of Game Tester as a job that could help you start out in a video game career, but not something to do for your whole life. For example I started as a game tester, but then I took programming classes and eventually moved into a job at the same company as a game designer and programmer. Or who I should talk to. I hope by 18… five years from now… I will be able to test games and make a living. Also check out my e-book on starting a game career. Id really like to test for bethesda.

Their games always seem to keep me playing. Any advice on how to get that started? Bethesda is one of the Big Boys in the game industry though, so it would be hard to get a job there as a beginner. Hi i am from Malaysia. I would like to know how to start my career on this sector cuz im very very raw currently.

Check out the Quest for Your Career series. Also, I go in depth in my ebook on starting your career in video games. Hah, gaming is like riding a bike: I am very passionate about gaming and enjoy searching a game for bugs and glitches and would love to eventually get myself into the bigger gaming industry and see this as a great start.

What should I do? There are many testing jobs available, but you may need to search outside of your home town or home state. Most of the testing jobs are centered in the areas where there are lots of game studios like Austin, LA, San Francisco, and Seattle.

You may need to broaden your search. I am a 8th grading. I am looking for a high school in NYC for either Video game programming, Video game testing, or both. If you find out, please come back to let us know! In the meantime, no matter which high school you attend, you can always take game programming classes online or learn from books, videos or tutorials.

To play around with Unity and make little parts of a crappy game. While playing for instance skyrim I look for glitches and bugs I can profit from. And even more I am interested in game testing. Are there any major or minor gaming companies who provide this for people in my age? For like summer Jobs? Please answer me soon, thanks, Rasmus. You should start there, maybe explore the list of top game design colleges for summer programs.

Hey ther Im from dominican republic , can i be a video game tester? I love games like resident evil. Castlevania and many fps. And as you can see i speek english hahha also german , french and ofcourse spanish. I live on dominican republic but i can travel to usa and also would like to know if there is some way to work from home as a tester. Hi Carlos, your English is great! You might even check to see whether there are any job listings for remote work on sites like oDesk.

I love action games like call of duty and other war games. I am in high school what specific major do I need to persue to garenteen a good paying job as a QA? Also what particular location do I need to go to get the best job. Hi Celina, please understand that QA is not the highest paying job in the game industry. Look here for the QA salaries. Read about some of the other video game careers here.

So start by searching local job boards or some online job boards like Indeed. Ash, you should check out the article on the top game design schools. You might find one there that you like. I am a young student going into his first year of college next fall. Although I am majoring in Mechanical Engineering its a well paying job source , I have alot of interest in video game design. I am a bit inexperienced with terms, but I would eventually like to pursue a field of design in which I could help create worlds and sandboxes for games.

Whether it be the single player cinematics of worlds like Skyrim or the Multiplayer arenas of Halo. Using programs to 3D model objects and areas was a thrill! Your article addresses becoming a videogame tester as an entry level position. What advice could you lend to me for a goal that I cannot even properly name yet? Also, most of those big cities are not in the Michigan area, so I worry for my chances of getting a job anytime soon…. It was a good read and very imformational. It sounds like the jobs you might be interested in would be Level Designer , or maybe Environment Artist.

Both of those jobs work with 3D modeling game levels. As to living in Michigan, most people apply to any job they want anywhere in the country, and then move there if they can. Some companies will even give you some money to help pay for the moving expense if you ask them for it. Depending on which one attracts you the most. Check out my article on the different jobs in the game industry , and see whether one of those sounds interesting, then work in that direction.

Sorry to break the bad news: Those are great questions, Kevin. Look at this article for a list of the top game schools in the US. Hi, my name is Danny, from Houston,Texas. I currently have a ps3, ps4, and Touchscreen all in one computer not good for gaming though.

Any tips to help me out? Hi Danny, depending on where you live, there may be job openings for entry-level game testers with no prior experience. Often times, they only require that you graduated high school and have experience with games.

Hi Cody, you should start by searching for some game testing jobs in your area to see what qualifications they want. When a game is in development, there are many different bugs that are often easy to find.

Usually things like, what do you do to make the bug happen? What area of the game is it in? I have always wanted to be a tester, i find my self buyin a game like Call of Duty and not even trying to play the game but looking for glitches and mistakes that everyone else missed. I have been playing games for a long time. Especially first person shooters. I looked at the requirements for working at Activision.

As call of duty is my favorite game, and I have a lot of experience playing that game. If I meet pretty much all the requirements, do you think theres any chance they would hire me if I just finished high school?

Be sure to read the articles on interviewing — and, good luck! I finished High-school in June this year. Would you happen to know resources that would help me in my search? If you check that out and still have questions, let me know.

I am thinking about changing my major into something like programming, but I never took a class in high school that was computer oriented and such. Before you change your major, I think you should try taking an online programming class to see if you like programming. If you find out that programming is interesting for you once you spend a few hours learning it, then you might consider changing your major.

And which type of programming language must be important. Hi there My name is Mitchell i am 15 years old and was wanting to know if there is an Xbox game tester job opening?

I searched long and hard where to go to apply for a game tester. I want to get paid for something i love to do. I love to play video games alot. I went to the search bar and it kept sending me to sites that states to pay to become a member so they can get me out that the companies that are looking for game testers but it just seemed alil iffy for me to provide them info about me and my finances.

I just want to know where do i go to apply for it because i known a guy once who was doing it and making good money doing it too. You do not need to pay to find jobs, you can the on the normal job boards — you just need to know what to look for. When someone starts working as a tester to start a career in game testing, how often does someone start at an age older than 25? And if I had the chance to get schooling in design or programming, how long does it usually take for a company like sucker punch, EA, ubisoft, treyarch, and there are others that I like to pick someone up out of school and give them a shot?

In addition to that, are there a wide variety of jobs in the gaming industry, or not? From reading credits of games that I finish and feel accomplished I see all the names of all these different positions and just wonder if this is a career path that has no limits? Hi Dennis — yes, there are a lot of different jobs in the game industry.

Check out the article on the various video game jobs. I read through many of these comments and noticed that many of the questions are from younger and eager future designers who hopefully have a fantastic career laid before them. However, I am 24 years of age and have struggled to find a way to break into the gaming industry in Arizona. I am fluent in a handful of coding languages with experience and will be concluding my Associates program for Software Development in in the next few months but none of that means much if there is no ground to find my footing on.

The kicker is, I cannot leave this state without having a solid foundation laid out in another state, but I do not want that to stop me from gaining professional experience in the Game Dev industry.

Game testing is a valid option absolutely, but do you have any advice on how a guy like me can make that transition so I can get my hands in the pie?

Then once you graduate, you can apply to jobs in other cities — just be prepared to move to a new city if you get a job offer. I wish you luck! What are you thought about must-read books that have been published for a game tester? What should a QA Lead know before leading? Are there any specific books for QA Leads to increase their knowledge?

Both of which I lack. I have been playing games on the pc all the way back to the commodore Every site I have looked at all they want to do is sell me a book on how to be a tester.

I have always liked gaming and computers and I am interested in becoming a QA software tester, but not necessarily in the gaming industry. I was wondering your opinion on starting off as a game tester to gain experience in QA testing, and the relationship in testing other programs and software for other companies, not centered around gaming.

Hey Jason,great article again I have looked for game tester job part time in many sites,companies,etc and all of them have one thing in common: So if you see a job and it asks for under a year of experience, you should go ahead and apply for the job anyway.

Hi I was just wandering what does it take to be a game tester, and If I did go to College what kind of degree would be better for me to get Hired. Also having a perspective mind of Stuff better, and being logical about stuff Good too.

Also lets say I live no where close to where any of the Game complains are. What would I do then. Or whichever equivalents your school might offer. I have been a gamer all my life I love games if someone I know brings up a topic about games I can talk for hours about games.

It would take me days to complete a game when I was young but now I can complete some games in a day or two. My quickest game to complete was home front in four hours I thought it was the easiest game I ever played. Any advice how I can become a games tester. I am 13 going to fourteen in 4 months. I would really love this job when I am Like i said hopeful you have some time because my interview is due in a week, no pressure. Good luck on your report!

You should also check out my interview with a game qa tester. What do you think? Hi Samuel, video game tester and video game designer are 2 very different jobs. Or look in the credits of any game MobyGames. Hello, my name is Aaron and I have been looking into this field for quite sometime.

I would love to get into the gaming industry, this is my passion. I just would like some insight into this field. Hi I just wanted to say I know gaming world is not easy but work job isnt I love playing game I love writing I love find patches in every game I play and I usually not that easy… but I tend to have fun with it im not going to say im the best or anything like that but im pretty good at what I do im barely 18 and I love to work.

It walks you thorough the basics of game testing, and then how to find jobs, apply, and interview. Land a Job as a Video Game Tester. I have found bugs on my own and done a lot of the things you said that you would have to do as a game tester like writing a report, do you have to be good with code and things like that to make a job?.

Hi John, there are many game studios in Canada so you should be able to find some open jobs to apply for. There are many game studios in Canada, especially around Montreal, Vancouver and Quebec, so you could start looking for jobs in those cities by searching online. If you need to know the basics of game testing and how to find jobs, I teach just about everything in my book on becoming a game tester. I just love games, exploiting them and getting advance of any bug.

The real problem is, in fact, being Italian. My mother language is commonly not considered for translations, nor I can be useful for customer service. It would be good to start from home, as I said I work with computers and as an enthusiast, my rig is quite good for testing games.

Hi Mario, there actually are several game companies in Italy — check out this helpful list of Italian game studios at gamedevmap. If you eventually want to live abroad, you could start out at an Italian studio and then apply for jobs in a different country with more game dev opportunities such as England or France later on, after you get some professional experience. Hi Sam, getting a job as a game tester may not be as far away as you think. Hi Arun, most QA jobs are full-time jobs.

But you could possibly learn programming and get a degree in the evening and weekends from schools that offer continuing education or adult-learning certificates. For example I learned programming and made my first game demo while I was a tester, and then I completed a 1-year game development certificate course while I was working full time as a game designer. Many game developers start with a CS degree, so that may be a good path for you.

Hi Jason I just love playing video games and I play it since I was small. And do we get a good salary and all? Hi, there, my name is Robert. I also have no college degree. Is a game tester the best way to start, or trying to a make phone game, if I want to be a game designer? Or should I go to a college? Hi i lobe playing game i am 13 years old now and i want to do somthing in game industry anything game tester, etc but which i can do online. Usually I do not learn article on blogs, but I would like to say that this write-up very compelled me to try and do so!

Your writing style has been surprised me. My question is, could I get a job as a game tester from my country? I recently interviewed a guy that told me he was working as a game tester along with 4 more people.

Could I work as a tester from my country? Maybe look for non-game testing jobs to start out with, since many of the skills you learn will transfer to video games later on.

Look here for an overview of game tester salaries. I was searching for job like this.. Now, let me introduce myself.. A bit of story from me, I only had a laptop with bad specs, but i always want to play games. So i setting my pc until i can play a games work on 60fps, but from that, i got some experience especially on focus when playing a games.

One thing that important to be a game tester is focusing to search any bugs on games. The report must be detailed, so the programmer of the games can fix the bugs from the tester found.

Please reply this message Mr. Jason, i just want to get job that same as my hobby.. Hello Zulfikar, you are on the right track about what game testers do. Once you learn the basics, you can search for entry-level testing jobs and send in your application. Hi Daniel — video games are super fun! And nobody will pay you for your ideas, because everybody has good game ideas!

The hard part and the part you could get paid for is to make the games, not just coming up with ideas. Luckily, you can learn those skills, you can learn how to make games. Start by figuring out what kind of game job you might want like Programmer, Artist, or Designer and then research and start learning how to do it. Check out my articles about the different game jobs for starters. It will take some work, but if you love games and want to make them for a living, then it will be worth the effort.

You can do it! While this overwhelmingly looks like a gimmick, from your picture, Jason, to the e-book, this site has a lot of information and I hope it is true. To be honest, I never heard of Griptonite Games until just now. Could you ease my skepticism here? Or by all my articles on interviewing at game companies , based on many years of experience as a hiring manager?

And here they all are, all of them, for free. Take some time, put in some work, and gather as much info as possible from multiple sources. Just do me one favor: Next time you find somebody willing to spend their own time and energy to help a complete stranger like yourself, please try to have better manners.

I had no intent to offend but I figured I would just be blunt and there was no point in sugar-coating. I had clicked on some ebooks of yours and saw they cost money, linked in some of your replies. This coupled with your smiling face beside it I immediately thought it was a scam.

My mistake, I apologize for labeling you a gimmick and thank you for this reply. There are just too many people out to get you these days. If you think about it, the rise of the video game industry could be a good way for people to prey on kids these days who have dreams of being a game developer simply because they enjoy video games. Now I am honestly curious why you would put so much of your time and effort into this. I had once considered this career, as playing video games is what I do with a lot of my free time okay most but I figured there would be so many kids wanting in on this I would have 0 chance.

In games you play, look for glitches and errors. When you find them, document them thoroughly — when it happens, how it affect play, and if you can, list possible fixes for the problem. Then report these issues to the company that publishes the game. Your correspondence over this issue could help give you a contact person in that studio.

And this could get your foot in the door of that company. Thank you for the suggestion, Frank, but sending unsolicited bug reports to a video game company is unlikely to get you hired. Hi Jason, I seem to find myself in a predicament. Currently I am moving on to my senior year at Penn State and I need a new major. My next question is about finding an entry-level position that I can learn on the job. I used your job search tool that you provided and most jobs seemed to require previous experience, any suggestions there?

Penn state does offer certificates in game design, should I pursue that? Since your school offers a certificate, that could be a convenient way to find out whether you like game design and are good at it. I really appreciate the info this has! But does the advanced search apply to worldwide users, or just to American users, or is it possible to select your country with this? Hi Yuki, thanks for stopping by. Even so much that it interfered with my classes to the point of me just getting a G.

Needless to say I dont have much schooling but I tend to look for bugs in games almost everyday. Would it still be possible for me to be a tester or would I need to go back to school.

In those three years I have accomplished only 2 years worth of credit in degree, a seething hatred for the Midwest, diagnosis in major depression disorder, a large debt for an unfinished degree and medical expenses, and academic probation for dropping below a 2. I am now taking a break from education to reevaluate my options while I try to find work to pay my hospital bills.

Upon searching for at-home work, which I suspected would be a dead end, I have stumbled upon this article of yours. I have aspired to be in the video game industry for years. I have done my own designing and free-time self teaching for years. I have written dialogue scripts, screenplays mostly for animations, theatre classes, and my own amusement , and tried my hand out on 3D modeling, and rigging, and animation.

I have even worked on table top mechanics for my own board game designs. These things are just what I can think of on the top of my head right now. My point is, I really enjoy nearly all aspects I have tinkered with regarding the topic. I play a fair amount of games as well. From card games to tabletop to video game.

I have all these unfinished projects floating around my head, all these ideas I feel could be great. Now, after doctor visits and therapy sessions, I find myself with all free time and no idea what to do next.

I have no health insurance, no job, and no degree. So this is what I am asking. What can a debt riddled, determined, small town of Kenai, Alaska resident woman do to get into the game industry?

The closest US city with a strong game industry would be Seattle, so one strategy might be to move to Seattle and get a non-game job while you pursue a video game design certificate or degree. Be smart about it. Are there any other modules for job searching? Do you mean, the best degree for being a game tester? QA testing has always been a interest because of the detailed work and the ability to work on your own but with a common goal with thousands of others.

Any help would be extremely apreciated. Passion for social and mobile games Knowledge…. Our high-quality product portfolio… leading content producers. Job Description Quality Assurance Testers are responsible of the quality of the tests they perform. Global Eagle Entertainment — Montreal. The QA Software Tester will participate in multiple product deliveries that need….

Test software as per QA Lead or Test Coordinator instructions Accurately identify and enter defects into the database… database entry Complete any assigned tests eg. We are looking for a motivated QA Tester to help us with our project efforts.

The successful candidate… an attached. PDF to careers llamazoo. Thanks in advance for applying — but…. Next Level Games — Vancouver. Dark Moon, Next Level Games is a place where people have an opportunity to work on amazing…. QA Testers Level 1, 2 and 3. The QA Tester Level 2 will be the primary contact for junior testers and is expected to field the questions….

Development QA Senior Tester. The Development QA Senior Tester will be responsible… Development QA Senior Tester is expected to own the quality of an assigned section of a game and work directly with game developers…. Awesome Functionality QA Tester. Keywords International — Montreal. Quality Assurance Tester Motorleaf. Delivering actionable, data-driven insights to greenhouse operators to increase their bottom-line profits is the name of the game Sponsored - save job.

We also enjoy team building activities such as escape rooms, curling matches and game nights. We are in need of a Software QA Tester who can help us develop a Software Developer iQmetrix 9 reviews. We have free fitness classes, hobby groups for everything from a board game club to numerous sports teams, beer taps and a Retirement Planning Program Day-to-day work will include daily stand-ups with your awesome team, working collaboratively in your pod area with Product Management, Testers , UX and of course Game Tester Endnight Games.

Play test the game Game Tester salaries in Vancouver, BC. A great tester is dedicated to their work and wanting to help make amazing Previous formal experience in game testing is a plus Game Tester salaries in Peterborough, ON. Ensuring that game guidelines and glossaries are correctly referenced throughout the game. Strong passion for video games If so, those are 3 of the most important traits of the best linguistic video game testers out there!

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Game Tester jobs available on Apply to Quality Assurance Tester, Tester, Game Tester and more! Become a Game Tester! Part-time job, everyone is welcome Earn from $50 to $ per hour; Play from anywhere and get paid to play! We are looking for mobile game tester to test our game and its performance This job was posted from a mobile device, so please pardon any typos or any missing details. less more We are looking for mobile game tester to test our game and its performance This job was posted from a mobile device, so please pardon any typos or any missing details.


If you can’t put down the controller but still want to level up your bank account, these three work-from-home gaming jobs will pay you to play video games. When it comes to working from home, there can’t be many jobs more enjoyable than getting paid to test video games! The idea is a simple one game producers need to make sure that their games run without bugs or errors prior to public release, and to do this they enlist the help of “beta testers”. Search Game Tester jobs now available on, the world's largest job site. Skip to Job Postings, Search Close. Find Jobs Quality Assurance Game Testers. Pole To Win Canada is looking for experienced Quality Assurance Game Testers to work onsite at .