Is it normal to be mad if my boyfriend comes home late?

Actually there is no affection unless it is sex pretty much. No matter how much she loved our first and second home and regardless of the fact that she picked them out almost exclusively, I knew that I would not fulfill her dreams until we had acreage. Everyone needs their own interests and passions. Why Do Men Cheat? If your boyfriend is cheating on you, his behavior will reflect it in one way or another. I would cook ahead and make extra so I could freeze it for another meal which left me time to help the kids with homework while dinner was reheating.

Aug 21,  · My boyfriend comes home at 5 AM about every Saturday night. I argued and left our home with our child because I grew tired of this. My boyfriend comes home from work an hour late a few times a week.? My boyfriend came home late the other night and he smelled diffrent? Answer Questions. How come hairy men manage to get in Status: Resolved.

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Then exchange lists and talk about it. I think he's not going to do anything different unless he's asked to and he completely understands why it's important to you.

I am sure there are things he would like to be different as well. I hope that might start a conversation without a fight. If you're noticing no real changes after you talk about this and you're still unhappy it might be time to go to a marriage counselor. My husband and I had this problem the first 2 years of our marriage. It was especially roughy because we share a car, so I'd be waiting an hour for him to come out with not so much as a phone call. I freaked out on him several times which did not help matters.

I felt really bad the one day bc I lost it and his reply was "I just spent the past two hours getting screamed at by an irate, can we not do this? So we changed the way we do things. Yeah, it sucks having to wait a half hour after a long day at work but it makes us both happier in the long run. If I make dinner when I'm hungry and he's not home, into the fridge it goes and he can microwave it, and vice versa. Sometimes he doesn't want to talk about his day the most annoying thing to me!

We've also decided that when Baby comes there will be one day a week that he books off work that is just a day for him and Baby. I will be out doing yoga or working one day and otherwise just be talking to grown ups.

This way he knows what it's like to be at home all day and respect my schedule, and I'll know how much it sucks to miss out on little milestones. Plus, Baby will have two parents who aren't so stressed out about their marriage that they can focus on the LO.

Oh, and with DH on the afternoon shift, I only get him home for dinner 2 times a week I'd love to have him home by 7 or 8 pm for dinner I'd trade you in a heartbeat on that one. Save a plate for him. His working so hard is what allows me to be a SAHM, and there is an end goal in sight - the time he is putting in now is noticed, and will lead to better positions, and better pay, where he doesn't have to put in the same hours and will have LOTS more money for us to do fun things together.

It's a lot easier to swallow the long hours knowing that he is doing everything he can to provide ME with the life I wanted. My expectations of DH are that he lets me know his schedule - so I know what weeks he is scheduled early or late, and when his on-call weekends are, and can plan accordingly.

Business trips usually come up at the last minute, so there's nothing I can do about that. If he is going to be significantly late getting home, he needs to let me know even if it's just a quick text message , and also let me know when he's on his way home. I don't worry about the day-to-day activities with DD, only that he does make space for 'family time' We have very traditional gender roles in our house, but it works for us, and we're happy with it.

I serve supper at 6: If he is home, he will eat with us. If not, then the leftovers go in the fridge and he can feed himself. No way would I be making 2 meals. I think what sorcha76 said is important - he is working so that you can be a SAHM. He is the primary breadwinner and is working so that there's food to be put on the table, utilities to keep the house functioning, and a house to live in. That being said, I also agree with take3mom - just because you are running the household doesn't mean that you are a fancy restaurant.

He can heat his dinner up in the microwave - he doesn't need a second dinner made especially for him. You, as the SAHM, can prepare one dinner for the whole family and set a portion aside for him. We just had a convo cose to this. My BF works 15 min from home and gts home between pm. He leaves about 9 in the morning. He owns his own business. I feel we don't communicate that well. He said I don't understand. I work in the same industry.

I used to do shist work mostly evenings before mat leave. So the late nights were no big deal. Now our son is here it would be nice for him to be with his dad every night or most nights instead of asleep when daddy gets home. We don't have a lot of sex as I have been struggling with hormones.

I didn't get the lust for sex while preggers. It continues as I am breast feeding. He says he understands but doubt he does. When I force communication he brings it up. He says I don't show how,uch I love him and he feels I got my son so I have no need for him anymore. I grew up in a no PDA household. He may straighten up his act! If not - wait a week or so, go back and collect your things and just leave him because then if his response is not apologetic you can be pretty sure he is with somebody else, then you file a lawsuit against him for support for both you and your child.

OMG my husband does the same thing. He goes out on Friday around 3pm and comes home around am on Saturday morning it does get sickning because we are stuck at home with the children. Just make sure he calls you or you call him to make sure everything is fine and you should be cool with it.

When he's out till 5 am, while you're doing, what? Sitting home alone and lonely. Seriously Honey, what exactly do you think he's doing? Your child will have a brother or sister any Saturday now. You did the right thing for you and your child. If you were feed up with him coming home late every Saturday than you should leave. You did the right thing. Coming home at 5am sounds a bit fishy so I think it's reasonable for you to want a good explanation, especially since you have a kid.

Maybe he's snipe hunting or bowling or something that late, since the bars close like am When a guy shows major disrespect like that it means he could care less about you, and the child. He's one of those psychos who wants his "cake and eat it too". He doesn't appreciate a family and wants no commitment or he would have married you pre-pregnancy.

Out until 5am what a dog. Sue for child support, and move on. Depends on the background to the situation. Have you spoken with him about this before and tried to come to some sort of compromise?

Have you asked him what he has been doing, and do you believe him? That way, he can try and manage his end as much as possible. Lastly, if you need to leave some dishes in the sink or some laundry in the basket until the following morning, do not sweat it.

If you are going to keep sane, you need to let a few things go. Identify the priorities for this time of day. Find ways to get dinner made ahead of time. Maybe use a Crockpot on some days or have the whole family get together on Sunday afternoon and make some meals that can be frozen and brought out during the week? How can the children help you? Setting the table, folding laundry, making a salad, helping siblings with homework will keep the kids focused and make less work for you.

Figure out a routine that will help you cope. Some people find a friend to share dinner making with and each take one turn a week bringing over a dinner. I had Friday night Chinese takeout and movie night.

My kids rarely watched TV so that was a treat for all of us and relaxing for me and the kids. For your husband, make him a dish for dinner and hold it in the fridge. Let him warm it up himself when he gets home because you are bound to be pooped out.

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If you know your husband is coming late from work and will probably be tired, try to do something special that helps him de-stress. The BIG Problem. Sponsored Search. The real problem is when your husband comes home late and doesn’t want to talk. Not a word. Now that’s a cause for worry. Maybe something is stressing him out and he is. so i get mad if my boyfriend comes home late from work. half an hour like right now! so he supposed to be here by twleve thirty its one! wtf? i dnt think im wrong especially when i specified today for him to come home right after work cuz i dont feel good and i think going out will said ok now im here waiting doesnt have a phone so i cant call. it pisses me off even if hes. About once a week, during the work week, he stays out until midnight or 1 a.m. with his friends. Often he tells me he'll be home at x time, then x time comes and goes, and he ignores my phone.


Sep 17,  · My boyfriend has been working at a small company for the past 2 years. He's always been a hard worker (even before this job) and often stays late Some nights he comes home and works off his laptop despite having already worked late! I didn't set anything up because I assumed he'd work late again and I didn't want to be. Home › New Q&As › Boyfriend is always late and I'm frustrated. Dear Alice, My boyfriend is always late when we have something planned. Not just fifteen minutes or so, but an hour or more! I don't know why I even wait, but I really care about him. He doesn't realize how much it bothers me. Me and my boyfriend have been together for over 2 years. We live together for over a year. I know that he is not overly affectionate. Actually there is no affection unless it is sex pretty much. It just seems like he is treating me less and less like his girlfriend. Last night he did not come home.