8 warning signs of a job scam

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When you work at Aetna, you’ll have chances to try new things — whether taking on a new project or networking. Protect yourself from scams. An Aetna recruiter will contact you only if you have applied for a job through our website. You can verify that a call is legitimate by calling AETNAHR. Jobs by Category; Jobs by Location.

Updated, 11/6/18

Aetna has become aware of impostors who are calling people — often multiple times a day — and fraudulently claiming to be from Aetna. The calls may be from an automated service that repeatedly dials a number, or from a live person.

Aetna is not placing these calls, or directing others to place them. By falsely claiming to represent Aetna, one of our companies or any other reputable company, these scam artists want to trick you into. Often, the people making these fake calls will talk about a new service that Aetna is providing. The service requires a health assessment.

We cannot warn you about certain phone numbers to look for on caller ID. The phone numbers are always different. But they often have local area codes. Two suspicious telephone numbers that have come to our attention are and These numbers are not from Aetna or any vendor working for Aetna.

Aetna also has received reports that legitimate business owners have received calls from scam artists who say they represent Aetna. After that, the telephone number of that legitimate business starts cropping up on the caller IDs of other people who receive calls from these same scam artists.

The technology to fake a caller ID is called "spoofing," and it is a way to disguise the source of the incoming call. Aetna does not "spoof" the numbers of our customers or potential customers.

If your number has been spoofed, report it to the local fraud unit of your telephone company and the Federal Trade Commission. If you believe you are a victim of a phishing scam, act quickly. Contact your bank or credit-card company immediately to report your suspicions.

In many instances, you can ask them to impose password protection on your accounts. This prevents the unauthorized release of funds. If necessary, report any loss of funds to your bank, the police, and the Federal Trade Commission. Aetna complies with the law when making calls to our members and business associates. We may need more information about a claim, for example, or we may be reaching out as part of our care management programs.

If you are suspicious of giving information to someone who says they are from Aetna, hang up and call the Member Services number on your ID card. Ask to have your call directed to the department that was asking for the information. That way, you can be sure you are giving the information to Aetna. The vulnerability could allow a skilled attacker to add malicious code to a system without authorization. Aetna has thoroughly assessed our environment and is currently patching impacted system components.

We do not believe that any of our systems or customer data have been compromised as a result. We will continue to monitor our systems to protect our member, plan sponsor and provider data. We also have remediation plans in place, so we can quickly address any issues we find. Finally, we are working with all suppliers and vendors to assure that their systems are protected. Members, providers and plan sponsors do not need to take any action to protect their Aetna data.

Microsoft recently announced the MS Schannel security flaw. Schannel is used by Windows client and server operating systems. Aetna has thoroughly assessed our systems. We do not believe that any of our systems or customer data has been compromised as a result. We have patched all internal and external systems. Finally, we worked with all suppliers and vendors to assure that their systems are protected.

Experts recently disclosed a software bug in a utility that is commonly used in computers, servers and even smartphones and other Internet-connected devices, called ShellShock. Aetna immediately assessed our exposure. Our security experts continue to analyze system and data components to assure the continued protection of our member, plan sponsor and provider data. In addition to addressing our own infrastructure, we are diligently working through every third-party vendor relationship to identify potential exposures, then working closely with our vendor partners to assure the remediation of the vulnerability.

We are confident in the proactive steps we have taken since learning of this vulnerability on September Your laptop allows you to work while being mobile. However, without proper security practices, your laptop is very susceptible to being lost or stolen.

Besides the financial cost of replacing a laptop, the consequences of a lost or stolen device can include:. If at all possible, do not store customer sensitive data member SSN on your device. Encrypting the hard drive of your device is the best practice to secure its data. Recommended encryption tool options are:.

This will facilitate recovery efforts and identify you as the owner of the laptop if it is lost or stolen. Read about Aetna's laptop security. Like many organizations, Aetna has been working diligently to assess the impact of Heartbleed on our customers and information systems. To date we have determined that our core customer-serving and external facing systems are not impacted. We have also instituted remediation plans to assure that we quickly address any vulnerable systems, should they be identified.

We will take other precautions as necessary to protect customer data. In addition to assessing our own infrastructure, we are diligently evaluating third-party vendor appliances and applications that may be impacted. We will work closely with any impacted vendors to monitor remediation of the vulnerability. In order to have the best experience on Aetna. Learn how to change your browser settings to enable Javascript.

Links to various non-Aetna sites are provided for your convenience only. Do you have Aetna insurance through an employer or are you a Medicare member? Skip to main content. Get a quote Get a quote. General plan info General plan info. Which was great and more companies should offer it. Working at Aetna was great because it allowed me to work from home. Dealing with employees from large corporations. My co-worlkers worked well with each in solving billing and coverage issues with customers.

Immediately Lead was awesome, but managment as whole only cared about numbers. Meeting and exceeding requirements was the stressful part of job. Interaction with customers and the companies they worked for was fun and the companies would come in periodically with food and gifts to thank us. Excellent company to work for with room for growth. I love working for Aetna as the company provides excellent opportunities for advancement, has wonderful work-life balance, great pay and benefits.

It an organization I have recommended to many of my cohort who are seeking full-time employment. It was a fast past enviroment. A typical day at Aetna was assisting individuals with the insurance needs. I learned many different things about health care needs for patients and how to assist clients in accessing proper healthcare.

The management at Aetna was polite and courteous. The work place culture was like an extended family environment.

The hardest part about the job was the sad stories I would hear about clients inability to access the needed healthcare because of pre-existing conditions.

The most enjoyable part of the job was being able to assist clients with obtaining medical needs and they get off the phone happy and satisfied. A demanding job that offered significant financial rewards. A whirlwind environment during benefit season Sept - Nov. I joined the organization not long after Aetna acquired US Healthcare and there were significant obstacles to deal with as a result.

The job demanded extra hours, significantly so during benefit renewal season but the extra hours proved rewarding come bonus time. I enjoyed my job at Aetna. That is why I stayed there for 15 years. I ran the front desk which was quite busy. Busy made it enjoyable.

A day included greeting many visitors. They were either members coming in to speak to customer service with a problem, vendors or people attending meetings. My job included helping the department who needed help or just an extra hand.

It helped me to increase my computer skills. Lot of reports but fun. I enjoyed my job, they gave me everything that I needed to be successful. I had my own work area and there was always someone willing to help and assist me with any questions or concerns. Great place to work with a team that cares about your well being. Extensive training with opportunities to advance. Excellent medical benefits and room to grow. Culture is great, very relaxed. Not really a place to grow within depending on your role.

Not sure if they will be expanding. Worked for me while I was there,. Management needed a lot of help but did not get help from their leadership. During the acquisitions, there was a major lack of communication that filtered down to the front line staff. The covered parking was nice.

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Find great jobs with Aetna that offer remote, part-time, freelance, or flexible work options. Get started at FlexJobs for a better way to work! Find various news alerts and important information specific to Aetna. Avoid scams that use the Aetna name. November Aetna has become aware of impostors who are calling people – often multiple times a day – and fraudulently claiming to be from Aetna. Your laptop allows you to work while being mobile. However, without proper. Training will be completed in the New Albany office and move to work at home upon completion of orientation Central Ohio area (Columbus and surrounding counties) .


Aetna is Hiring More Than Work-from-Home Employees with Full Benefits. The healthcare company has job openings across the company. Make sure to check the column titled “Potential Telework Position” to determine whether or not the job is a work-from . A Sample of Work-at-Home Positions at Aetna The following position descriptions present examples of Aetna's work-at-home job offerings: UM (Utilization Managment) Nurse Consultant: The person in this position must be a licensed nurse with the ability to coordinate, document, and communicate all aspects of Aetna's utilization/benefit management. There are lots of job scams out there. Take a look at the 5 common work at home scams before you start surfing the internet for your next job!