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It can provide an occasional extra earner, or develop into a regular income. I am happy to say I am now debt free W. Way back in the early days, when I first began to look for ways to work at home, I almost ordered a starter kit to try and do this type of work, too. Halina Zakowicz is a full-time freelance writer, investor and aspiring sci-fi novelist. Online auctions like eBay? Nobody will buy the crosses! This century old craft is basically a technique where you put wax on fabric, silk, cotton, wool, linen, muslin, paper or even wood and ceramics where you don't want the colour to go and then dye the item.

Welcome to Crafts 2 Cash! We have been providing legitimate work at home opportunities to Americans since We hope that you decide to join our family of home workers.

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If you have an eye for design and are good with fabrics, you can make money at home. This century old craft is basically a technique where you put wax on fabric, silk, cotton, wool, linen, muslin, paper or even wood and ceramics where you don't want the colour to go and then dye the item.

Synthetic fibres are not suitable as they cannot hold dye sufficiently. For more elaborate designs this technique is repeated using different dyes. The wax is then removed. It is a good idea to learn this craft technique in classes or a craft workshop, and there is lots of help available online. Tie string or cord around an item and dye it, and you will produce a retro 70s tie-dye look. Multi dipping allows complex patterns to be created and the finished items have a unique look to them.

Tie-dye can be used for clothing not just retro 70s T shirts , accessories, hangings, soft furnishings and artworks. Ev e n in the age of desktop publishing, there is a steady demand for the work of the calligrapher. Despite the ready availability of computer created graphics, there is a requirement for hand-drawn items, such as presentation and commemorative scrolls, certificates, awards, greetings cards, wedding, christening and party invitations, business cards and books.

Advertise your skills locally with cards in shops, ads in local papers,etc. Try creating home-made candles for special occasions, or simply creating a special ambience - filling your home with a beautiful fragrance.

Scented candles have really caught on over the past few years, and people don't mind paying a little extra for quality hand-made items. Aromatherapy candles containing essential oils are very popular and can promote an improved feeling of wellbeing with calming, uplifting, energising and relaxing scents using natural ingredients, such as: Essential oils are more expensive than basic fragrance oil, but if you have decided to make quality scented candles they will give you a good result and will command a higher price.

You will need some basic equipment before you start: These items are available by mail order, online or from craft shops.

Home-made cards say so much more personally than the manufactured variety. Offer customised cards with pictures, calligraphy, scents, sounds or a local interest. You could also make custom scrap books for birthdays, anniversaries and retirements etc - a well-presented scrap book makes a really special present.

With the internet it is now much easier to get reasonably priced quality supplies for card making at home, such as unusual paper, stickers, beads, feathers, ribbons, decoupage, gems and other embellishments. If you have the artistic ability, then creating caricatures can be a good earner. If you live near somewhere with a good footfall of potential customers, you can set up shop and wait for the customers to arrive. These days you can also work off photographs sent via email or post.

Don't forget to do some pics of famous people first so your potential customers can see what they're getting. Drawing and painting local attractions and beauty spots can be very sellable in tourist areas. Talk to local cafes, restaurants, pubs and craft and souvenir shops about displaying your work, and selling on commission on a sale-or-return basis.

This encompasses everything from pot planters to plates; if you can produce eye-catching and attractive designs, you've got it made. Ceramics is one of those things that everyone thinks they can do but very few can do really well.

Sculptures can sell for hundreds, but creating useful one-off plates, bowls and vases can be a good earner. You can create cups and bowls on a wheel, or hand model them before firing in a kiln. There are a wide variety of electric and and mains or propane gas-fired kilns available for the hobbyist, but it's essential that you do some research before you buy so that you get one that's suitable for your needs.

If you need to find out more, there are many pottery courses available and the instructor will be able to advise you further.

Finally don't forget to check ebay for used pottery equipment, as kilns generally last well and can often be found on the second-hand market. Natural, hypoallergenic and organic cosmetics are always in high demand and it's now easier than ever to source the ingredients you need to make your own products.

We are all becoming more aware of all the chemicals that are added to our cosmetics and skincare products, and many people want to use more natural ingredients on their skin and hair. You can make most cosmetics in the average kitchen, and if you get the packaging and marketing mix right too, the profit can be rewarding.

Selling at markets is a good first step to test how popular your products are. Unless you have built a reputation it's more difficult to sell 'smellies' online, but a website or eBay shop can be a useful addition to your off-line sales activities.

Once you are selling regularly you can approach shops to stock your goods. Soap, hair products and bath bombs are all easy to make, but if you need some help, there are lots of courses available. If you have the nose for it, you might like to consider making your own scents too.

Essential oils, fragrance and aroma oils and other ingredients are now easily available on-line. You make your first craft according to the instructions you're given and send it back to the company to inspect. You may or may not be liable for the cost of shipping your craft — this also varies from company to company. After they receive your craft, they look it over and determine whether or not it's up to their standards.

If it isn't, they'll send it back to you so you can try again. If it is, you can start working. You'll submit a certain number of crafts per week and will be paid per piece for each one you do. So, this all sounds like a pretty incredible, easy opportunity to work at home, huh? Well, if only it actually were. Nine times out of ten your first craft will be rejected. And most of the time your second and third efforts are rejected as well. In fact, there are some people who can't get their crafts approved no matter how hard they try — many of whom claim that their finished products match the samples exactly and in some cases look even better than the samples they were sent to compare against.

This makes me very, very suspicious. The end result here is that you've paid for this starter kit and also possibly spent money on shipping for sending crafts to this company, but you have no money yourself to show for all your hard work.

And you probably won't because chances are good that by now you've gotten disgusted trying to please this company and given up on the whole thing. A lot of time wasted and money spent for no reward. This is why I don't recommend home assembly jobs— because this seems to be the story all too often. And believe me, I have looked over lots of job review boards for some good feedback on many of these places, and the good feedback was so few and far between that I finally came to the conclusion that most of the time, people who attempt home craft assembly come out on the losing end.

Not all of them. Technically, there are two that might be legit. And I definitely don't feel comfortable recommending them, either. That would be a lot of money lost on their end. I need an outlet to keep me busy as I am disabled and unable to work at a regular job. I am going to try selling my jewelry on line. Any info on the above company would be appreciated.

Just go buy your own craft supplies, make what you enjoy and put them up for sale on Etsy,com or even ebay! Hey June take a look at this http: What about American Diversified Publications?? They claim that you can make money from assemblying crafts, circuit boards and being a mail processor and etc.

They even offer a money back guarantee less shipping and handling. Thanks for taking the time to answer my earlier reply to you. So, have you tried Titan Chains or have other crafters tried the site or other crafting sites? Any info you have would be most appreciated…and thank you for the compliment too! I can tell you that I communicate with several other crafters and I know who have posted good reviews as well. Thanks for the great info Halina!

I sure like the premise of your site! Have you tried Titan Chains they are legitimate, of course they need the work you do to look nice so they can resell it, but they helped me every step of the way to learn how and once I got it down they approved me and have paid me on everything I have ever made for them. They even paid me on a few that I had made incorrectly!

If you work hard and make a nice product they will take care of you. By the way they use email and if you email them they will always respond quickly and thoroughly- by phone you usually have to leave a message, but they will call back. This is my experience with home crafting and I am so glad I found them, I was certain all these places were scams trust me I have tried others too until I found them and I work hard at it and I do make money!

Hi Diane, Thanks for your message. I also found the following link wherein people say that the kits take too long to complete http: I hope this helps! Not approved, as yet…this will be my last try. I believe in their program this is why I have stayed with them.. I hope I am not wrong.. I feel I have found the craft, I can actually do…it has come out great. If not, well I will see. The one that said they rejected their sample well of course they did because they mark their samples so they know when someone sends on in.

These people are not just selling at craft fairs but they sell at boutiques and other places as well so they must have high standards.

I make a very nice monthly income with this company and it allows me the luxury of staying home which saves me lots of money. If you can make designs on the computer, though, you may wish to give Cafe Press a try.

I really appreciate this information. I was thinking about signing up for magicalgiftdollhouse, but I was worried about it being a scam.

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Get paid to work at home $ per unit of 30 Ankle Bracelets. Send in up to 3 units per week for payment = $ a week. Earn up to $ a month by sending 3 units each week for payment. I would like to know if crafts to cash is a scam or not my wife is disable of receiving SSI/SSA we are looking for work at home assembly that is legitimate company and honest that will help us solve our financial problems. Choose one or more products to assemble. Once you register for a home job we will rush you a kit with complete instructions and supplies to get started right away!. Send one item back to us for a "check up" so you know you are making them correctly.


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