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Landman salaries in United States. Over the past 2 years I was passed over for in-house Landman positions for the same reasons stated above. Landman salaries in Midland, TX Related forums: Experience in the upstream and mid-stream sector of the oil and gas industry Note: Landman salaries by company in United States. Position Summary The Landman will provide land expertise and support in order to timely meet the demands of an active drilling…. Submit reports and results from researching liens, mortgages, right of ways, easements, back taxes, mineral, coal, oil and gas ownership, and verification of

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I would gladly take a job as a document specialist or land tech to get my foot in the door. Especially in Oklahoma City if I could, as Oklahoma is my home state and where I learned title working for an abstract company in an old oil county. Thank you Randy for another great article. I always look forward to reading you resourceful insights on various topics in our industry.

All of your articles seem to be purposefully driven to help out others in the industry. I recently transitioned from field Landman to an in-house position. Over the past 2 years I was passed over for in-house Landman positions for the same reasons stated above. I decided a step back by applying to lease Analyst Positions maybe my ticket to go in-house.

My plan is to continue building on my experience and knowledge within the company in hopes to transition to a more responsible role as a Landman in a few years. I have no regrets. Eric, that sounds like a great plan. Truth be told, there is equivalent money and possibly better longevity on the land administration side. Please log in again. The login page will open in a new window. Landmen can wear jeans to work. They get paid to be friendly to landowners, but also to be shrewd negotiators.

They get to work as little or as much as they like, taking on projects that last one day or several months. Get a legal primer. The lowest level certification requires a BA or 4 years of experience in landwork. Learn more about certification. There are plenty of organizations offering landman education programs. Some of them are credible. None of them are required.

Learn more about the Landman Scholarship Trust or download scholarship application. If you want to test your interest and skill level as a landman, try researching the mineral rights for the land on which you or your parents live. In my experience, online reporting is quite reliable and getting better every day. Why cook over a fire when you have a stove? The bulk of the work is rote and when an unusual case does come up you make arrangements to go to the courthouse. Good try at making the job more romantic and fraught.

Although some records in my PA county are accessible online, I only use those records to pull copies. Unless you are familiar with the actual record books, documents can easily be missed. I often find indexing errors and would never reply on the online system to conduct a title search. Since the Oil and Gas boom here in PA, the courthouse is overflowing with "title abstractors" conducting gas searches.

I use the term lightly and am actually a little insulted. They are trained in the morning and put to work that afternoon. They have no idea what they are looking for, where to look and what the information means. I listen to them ask county employees questions they should know the answers to if they were actually an abstractor. They seem to be getting the same "training" as those looking to be a "remote title abstractor.

Ive worked hard to build my business and even harder at the relationships I have with the companies I work with. While I get the occassional "out of the blue" call from a new company, most have been with me for years.

They rely on me to provide a complete and accurate title search conducted within the walls of the county courthouse. And thats what I provide. In the last few years, Ive built relationships with a lot of attorneys too. They are picking up the pieces of an incomplete online title search that has now created a huge title mess. Its my job to help them fix the mess. Ive also built relationships with those who work at the courthouse.

I can give you the names of every employee in every office I visit. Its takes more than a internet connection to be an abstractor. If you thinks thats all it is, you should probably look into another profession. All we have is online access. Probates are not available online. If I had been stuck with that mess the only way to do it would be in the bound indices, which we still have, but stop at around I agree with the idea that hiring online abstractors, who may have as little as 6 months training is a terrible idea.

Leaving them at home to sort through titles, without supervision is a worse idea. Marketing titles to banks based on a brigade of in-home examiners is a really, really bad idea.

Who is stuck with the liability when the newbies make mistakes? If the newbies are subcontractors, then they should realize that they are putting their own house on the line with every title report they send out. This could be good or bad.

If it lowers the fees paid to walk-in Abstractors and causes legal trouble it is bad. I kow of one county where you can do a good online search but that is also one more step in the scanning process that can lead to human error and the person scanning the documents and creating the system may be a contractor who knows little or nothing about this business. I believe that Abstracting should be raised in level as a profession not lowered.

The only way I can see this helping our business is if it creates job for the home bound. If searches are conducted via the internet will that change the cost of insurance? Who would be liable? All growth related events in all things create change and more change. I think I will drive off to do my searches like I always have. My experience I brought to this includes. If online searching takes over the industry I will do something else as I cannot sit all day and would rather be driving snowy roads and pulling books.

A good comment made by Leigh attridge below is about who puts what on the line? Besides I love to socialize and find Abstractors to be a great bunch of people! On-line searches can be trusted only if the abstractor has intimate knowledge of their courthouse.

Things were filed differently prior to the s so certain things must be checked. As the years go by, more and more changes occur and unless you know the ins and outs of the entire system as it pertains to title abstracting, there are going to be errors. In my counties, there are several different computer programs to be accessed in order to get a search completed.

I feel fortunate to have been there before computer records were available. I learned how to do each step manually so when I complete a search I feel confident that I did a thorough job. Occasionally, a trip to the courthouse is necessary. The key is to find an abstractor with this kind of knowledge.

Anything less will lead to a substantial amount of errors. In many counties in Ohio, the clerk of courts doesn't provide images of the documents and you can only look at the docket. Probate records are not online at all. Special assessments most likely are not available online. So, if you care to look for little things like judgment liens, divorces, estates, guardianships, suits involving real estate, etc.

However, if performing a year or year search, one MUST go to the Courthouse, as these online records exist from approximately or In addition, unless the survey is letter-sized, we cannot download them from the comfort of our home. Many subdivisions are older than 60 years, and we must go back through the books to find the old surveys, restrictions and easements. On many an occasion, I have gone back as far as to obtain the required information.

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Search Landman jobs. Get the right Landman job with company ratings & salaries. open jobs for Landman. I believe some of us “field landmen” could probably become an in-house landman without too much of a problem. And some couldn’t. I know I have done a lot of the work you described for an in-house landman, however, not all of it. And, Work from home as a Title Abstractor, Landman. Candidate will executing an examination of various property. Candidate will review and examine various property materials for accuracy and applicability and identify any restrictions that would limit the use of the property.