Part-Time and Flexible Jobs for College Students

Forget hunting through classified ads, searching for the next client, or waiting for payments. There can also be an opportunity to grow within the company. Leapforce is experiencing unprecedented demand and growth for qualified home-based independent agents. At marketplaces like JVzoo and Clickbank, you can get a product to sell and can earn money in case of commission. But let me tell you why blogging is such a great idea for college students.

Thankfully, the internet has made it so easy to find online jobs that are perfectly flexible for college students, so you don’t need to do much digging. And, these jobs don’t require technical skills, special degrees, or minimum work experience, so college students can fill the spots perfectly.

Benefits of Online Jobs for Students

Do not invest money to get the project on typing jobs 6. Highest paying online typing work 7. What are the requirements to check if you are eligible? Where to find Legitimate Typing Jobs without investment? It is one of the most popular methods of making money online and still many people are searching for. It is though simple method than ever. Another popular category in online typing jobs which is done by most people around the world was Data entry jobs.

This job does not require any special skills other than fast typing and a little English communication skill. Many companies require their data to be updated and converted into another form and it is still an ongoing process. Data entry jobs is a category in online typing jobs and it requires some basic skill of converting one form of data into another format. You need to type all the contents in the image into MS Word without spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

This is a simple work and it might take some time. But companies will pay a good amount for this work as because data is still needed to be maintained in some format for some time. Even you can see these ads on television that may be displayed in bottom scrolling during the program. Even I often use to see many providers who seek data entry operators for their company.

You can note down the address and visit them directly at their spot. Get the information and start your work. Be patience in searching for a genuine data entry jobs provider as because there are numerous scams available in online. Many companies need to maintain their own data and hence they are willing to pay for their data entry workers.

Some online middle agents will make use of this and they contact the company by showing that we having many people who are ready to work on data entry typing jobs. After getting the job, they use to sell the project to other people online. And they will say that this money is for security or some blah blah administration charges.

Keep the place secure, water the plants, do some basic tidying, and feed and care for the animals. Jobs don't get much simpler than that. Tour guide —If you live in an area with popular tourist attractions, then you'll want to consider this option. Many places of interest hire college students or young people to help lead tours, especially during peak travel seasons. You might escort visitors through natural parks or fascinating facilities such as museums, wineries, art galleries, botanic gardens, or historic buildings.

Getting some tourism-related training can boost your appeal to the best employers. Lifeguard —You definitely need to be a strong swimmer and in good shape for this option. But once you pass your training and earn the required certifications in first aid and CPR, the actual job tends to be pretty relaxed.

That's why it's often listed among easy summer jobs. Most of the time, nothing too significant happens while watching over swimmers in the pool or at the beach. But you do need to be ready to act quickly in the event of an emergency such as someone drowning. Swimming instructor —Like lifeguarding, this occupation obviously requires great swimming skills as well as the desire to help other people learn how to move safely and efficiently through the water. You'll probably also need to pass some special training and earn the right certifications through an organization like the Red Cross.

But when you have the qualifications, you'll be able to pursue jobs that are known for being fun and relatively stress-free. Pizza delivery driver —It may not be glamorous, but this occupation is one of those easy first jobs that can make you more money than you might expect. You basically get to drive around while listening to your favorite music.

And when you hand over your customers' pizzas, you're usually rewarded with good tips which are earned on top of your base pay. If you know your city's streets by heart, including all of the quickest routes, then you can pack a lot of deliveries into a single shift.

Animal caretaker —Places like kennels, animal shelters, and veterinary hospitals often need people to monitor the condition of boarded animals and ensure that they stay properly fed, watered, and looked after.

This kind of job can be especially easy and convenient if you work overnight shifts when most of the animals are sleeping. And with a little training in veterinary assisting , you can give yourself an edge against other job seekers. Movie theater projectionist —In this job, you basically just set up the equipment and let things roll, ensuring that everything is operating properly and on-schedule for each film.

Plus, it often provides a good amount of time alone, which helps to make it low-stress. Swimming pool technician —The responsibilities in this occupation are pretty straightforward. Generally, they just include testing and cleaning your clients' pools.

That means checking pool chemistry to make sure it meets safety standards and using special nets to remove any debris. In some cases, you may also need to service pool filters, motors, or pumps.

But, overall, this job tends to be relatively easy and enjoyable. Camp or youth facility counselor —Are you creative, outgoing, and good at communicating and being patient with children? Many summer camps and year-round youth facilities hire teens and college students to help lead or supervise recreational activities and provide general support to other staff members and attendees.

It's often so much fun that it hardly seems like work at all. Assistant golf professional —Here's a job that can keep you mostly outdoors and often provides the chance to play free rounds of golf during off-peak hours.

Your primary duties might involve coordinating tee times, maintaining adequate supplies, interacting with other golfers, and keeping golf carts clean and in good working order. You might also get to supervise the play of a course's golfers.

With some training in golf or recreation management , you can increase your odds of getting an appealing job like this. Event usher —Jobs don't get much easier than this, as long as you like people.

Arenas, stadiums, theaters and other large venues hire ushers to stand in assigned areas and direct event attendees toward their seats or the closest exits, bathrooms, or concession stands. It's a job that can enable you to earn easy money while also giving you opportunities to experience sporting events, concerts, and other live shows.

Front office receptionist —Do you have a friendly personality? Are you all smiles when you're on the phone? For people who are organized and outgoing, handling phone calls and greeting office visitors can feel like a breeze. And the experience you acquire can help set you up for higher-paying opportunities later on. Taking a short administrative assisting program might increase your appeal to potential employers. Gardening or landscaping assistant —If you don't mind work that keeps you physically active, then this type of job might be one of the easiest you can find.

From cutting grass and removing weeds to planting and pruning trees, shrubs, and flowers, the work often has a way of decreasing a person's anxiety and creating a sense of connection to the earth.

Retail stock clerk —As another job that is physical in nature, this one might not sound easy, but it usually isn't too challenging. In a lot of cases, it simply involves helping to unload trucks, sorting and distributing boxes to the right departments, and placing items from those boxes on shelves in the correct locations. Plus, in many stores, stocking hours are early in the morning, so this kind of job often provides convenient shifts that don't interfere with class schedules.

Parking lot attendant —Do you enjoy working alone? Collecting parking fees, monitoring a lot or garage, and issuing tickets isn't very demanding work. And the shifts are often flexible enough to allow you to attend school or take care of other responsibilities without much trouble.

Personal care aide —A lot of seniors and people with disabilities need in-home support and companionship. So if you're a kind and caring college student or young person who wants an easy job, this option is definitely worth exploring. Your duties might be as simple as doing some light cooking and cleaning or accompanying your clients on errands outside their places of residence. The answer is yes. However, it can be challenging to find them. Legitimate work-from-home jobs aren't always advertised well, and you sometimes have to ask around a lot until you come across the best opportunities.

But easy side jobs are out there. And so are ones that you can do at home or over the Internet. The following jobs are just a few examples. Virtual customer service representative —All you really need for this job is a reliable phone line, Internet connection, and computer. All kinds of companies hire home-based customer service reps to take calls and handle basic orders and inquiries. But, relative to many other easy online jobs, this one tends to pay fairly good wages.

Audio or video transcriber —When organizations conduct important meetings, they often record the conversations. But audio and video files aren't as fast or simple to distribute as text. So transcribers are often hired by places like law firms, businesses, museums, and government agencies to transcribe recordings into clear, readable text. As far as easy work-from-home jobs go, this one is among the most straightforward, especially if you're a good typist and listener.

Freelance software tester —This is another one of those easy work-at-home jobs that tends to offer good pay.

That said, you might need some basic computer programming skills in order to qualify for the best-paying jobs. Software developers usually hire testers to discover bugs, provide feedback about user interfaces, and document their findings during various stages of application development.

Art model —Most art schools hire models to pose for figurative drawing or painting classes. And not all jobs involve posing nude. You don't even need to fit a specific physical ideal. In many cases, you can leave your clothes on or show just as much skin as you're comfortable with. However, many of the best-paying jobs do go to models who are willing to bare all for the benefit of developing the skills of emerging artists.

If you can sit still for about 20 to 30 minutes before getting a break, it's one of those easy-money jobs that can supplement your other sources of income. Private or commercial housekeeper —Cleaning services are pretty easy to offer on a freelance or contractual basis. And they aren't usually very difficult to perform. So cleaning can be a pretty good side job that doesn't leave you feeling stressed out. You can get a lot of high-paying jobs without a degree , but you might not consider all of them easy.

However, the following occupations frequently offer comfortable workloads and relatively little stress. Notary public —In many states, it's easy to get jobs in this field. Even in states with the most stringent requirements, becoming a notary simply involves going through a very short amount of training, passing an exam, purchasing an official state seal, and following proper recordkeeping practices.

Then you can get hired to observe and certify that documents such as contracts, deeds, or government applications are signed by the people identified on those papers. Job tasks don't get much easier than that. Garbage or recyclables collector —Throughout many regions of the U. And the actual work isn't usually very challenging. Many people even find it enjoyable. So it's worth looking into this option. Security guard —With a relatively small amount of criminal justice or law enforcement training, you might qualify for jobs that involve preventing theft, vandalism, violence, or rule violations on private properties.

That job description may not sound easy, but a lot of security guards rarely, if ever, encounter any real danger. In fact, they often get a lot of quiet time in which they simply monitor camera feeds or walk or drive around properties looking for signs of trouble. They have to be ready to act, but they frequently enjoy whole shifts without significant incidents.

Truck or taxi dispatcher —Scheduling and transmitting assignments to drivers or service vehicles is a pretty simple job. And it's especially easy if you work during an organization's off-peak hours. Accounting clerk —This job typically involves duties that are fairly simple and routine such as making basic calculations and posting and verifying financial information. Plus, in many organizations, the workload wanes and ebbs depending on the time of the month, which means that you'll likely experience plenty of slower periods.

Taxi driver or chauffer —Do you know all of the quickest ways to get from point A to point B in your city? Do you enjoy meeting all kinds of different people? Driving a taxi or limousine offers a relatively simple way to make a living.

And it's an occupation that can also provide fairly easy second jobs to supplement other income sources.

17 Easy Jobs for Teens or College Students That Often Pay Above Minimum Wage

This is a great option for college students. If you are knowledgeable in a specific school subject, you could sign up to be an online tutor. This will require you to work with students through chat or video messaging to help them understand their homework and class work better. Here are ten flexible jobs for college students that allow you to have time for your classes and studying. Chloe + Isabel. Chloe + Isabel, a direct sales company that sells jewelry and accessories, has a unique program for college students called, The G.E.M. Program. Through this program, college students can apply to be a Merchandiser at a discounted rate of $ Online Jobs For College Students To Make Extra Money in Well, so here we are going to share those types of jobs that can be done even being a student. The below internet-based jobs can be done easily within your spare time, most of the jobs are project based so you don’t need to do it within a specific time, time-independently, you can do it whenever you are In mood.


Going back to college can be challenging if you work regular hours. But the flexibility of having an online job can be very handy, especially when you're trying to juggle on and off campus classes. While most college students won't qualify for many jobs that require a degree, they are typically smart enough to grab a number of other great positions. But in order to work with your schedule, the jobs must be willing to . here we created a list of some of the cool places where you can work from home get paid and save time for all the other for college students. College Student Jobs Online. With the new school year almost upon us, it’s as good a time as ever to visit some ideas for College Student Jobs Online. Virtual work options are particularly appealing to college need the flexibility remote jobs offer in order to work around their class schedule, studying time, and any extracurricular activities.