Watch Out For the Package Shipping Scam

Knowing common specific scams is a start, but how can you stay ahead of innovative criminals? Will you get paid biweekly? I did not send any information about myself other than my name and address. Well for the most part that is true. I didnt notice at first that we had a few packages come to the house because I worked full time and he got home before me so he would hide them. They didn't arrive packaged as you would expect from Apple or Motorola.

There is a work at home scam that's been floating around for years that I still see on occasion, and it's one of the worst -- the package shipping scam.

4 Scam Signals

I have even spoken to Scott twice during the last week. They told me I would be paid in a month trial period and then every two weeks after that. I have received 3 packages so far, all are being shipped in the US. Packages are coming to my address but different name on the box which makes me nervous. I did email the company today to inquire about this.

Waiting on their replay. They have even asked that I pick up a few packages at a local Best Buy store. I found this page and sent her the link. The twist on the scam was that they never actually sent me any packages. Looking up the physical address they gave, there is a genuine business there, but its line of commerce appears to be unrelated to the phony job offer. I have an above-average I. This work from home job seemed too good to be true and I am so very thankful on coming across this website because I will no longer stay in contact with them.

I did not send any information about myself other than my name and address. Is my identity still at risk? Dont fall for this scam they are using stolen credit cards and purchasing packages under your name with them.

Do not send out anymore packages contact your police department and contact the companies the products were actually shipped from to return them. The even target credit card holders in your area so it looks more legitmament. Do not continue contact with these poeple and take precautionary steps immedatly most likly you xould possibly be in alot of trouble and owe thousands to these credit card companys or your identity is stolen and the may have even open credit in your name because they took a loan out in my name… do not continue contact call police department and let them know youve bwen a victim of a reshipping scam.

I wish you the best of luck. Avoid this conpany at all cost. I received 2 package from them a drill nozzle and also exhaust mufflers. I ship them already. D and my mailing address. But i been calling them and emailing them but no response.

I also reported them to the u. They did a phone interview with me and also emailed me the contract form. They call me to verify the tracking numbers and to deliver the package to the post office. I check the product myself. Joe, I just got a job offer for the same company. Have you been paid yet, and if not, when do they say they will pay you? Got the first package yesterday.

I got the same job as well.. I am worried that it might be a scam.. We should keep in touch and see what we should do about it..

Just found out that I was being scammed, turned in all packages that I had to local law enforcement, What do I do now? So sorry you were being scammed, but you did the right thing by turning the packages in. Did they give you any instructions? This package scam has been around for at least the last 15 years. Anybody that wants to try to make a quick buck, they'll find a way to scam you out of your money," Friend explained.

Postal Inspectors and they sent an agent to Huntsville to speak with us about the case. Tony Robinson says Jane was the victim of a reshipping scam. He says the company has victims all over the state.

In fact, he showed us a stack of packages that one of them handled in the course of just one week. The merchandise in these packages, as you might have guessed, was stolen. Smith has no idea how or when her debit card information was stolen. But her card was used to order some of the merchandise online that was shipped to Jane, only to be reshipped to a thief.

And that's the catch, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is," Robinson warned. Investigators tell us the thieves have probably moved on and set up shop under a new name, new web site, new set of telephone numbers. We can tell you that both the U. This photo of a man operating a fork lift is on Packanywere. It was stolen from another company's website.

The name on the roll cage bar behind the operator should read "Miami Industrial," who verified it was their equipment but had no idea the picture had been lifted and used on a scammer site. So how have they been able to dupe so many people?

Jane told us she thought she had found the perfect work-from-home job, but as it turns out she was lured into an international theft ring and became the victim of a scam.

Everything seemed perfectly legitimate in the beginning. The company had an extensive online presence, there was an employment contract, tax forms, and the offer of a decent income. But none of it was real. It was all a carefully concealed and well-rehearsed hoax designed to lure the unsuspecting in to help steal from others.

It really almost sounded too good to be true. He's well aware of this scam. In fact, Robinson says the company has victims all over the state and in many parts of the country. When an applicant contacts them, they put them through an interview and make a job offer.

But wait, all employees must use specific software to work on their system. Applicants are happy enough to have the chance to work from home, so they bite on the offer. As with similar scams, the job seeker has just spent thousands, and, not surprisingly, after the check clears, the data entry job never materializes. Knowing common specific scams is a start, but how can you stay ahead of innovative criminals?

A lousy job market creates a ripe pool of targets for scams, since so many people are struggling to earn an honest buck. Overseas Company This should usually be a deal breaker for any income-earning online job.

When you see an address from an obscure country name, the red flags should go up. Absurd Offers Online scams typically try to sell you the dream lifestyle: Is it too good to be true? Vague Payment Structure The payment plans with these get rich quick plans are typically poorly defined. Will you get paid biweekly? Will you get paid monthly? How will you file your taxes?

These are all basic payment issues that you need to address. Heavy Upfront Financial Investment You have to invest a boatload of money for an income-generating opportunity. A couple of hundred dollars upfront or a long-term commitment to an ambiguous work from home business on the Internet is always a poor choice.

A recent high-profile and frightening example that should act as your reminder to always be on your toes is marketed as Goog Cash4u, also known as Internet Wealth Builder. Around September of , this get rich quick scheme hit the Internet market quickly and affected a lot of unsuspecting people.

Unfortunately, there were many obvious flaws with this plan. Among other things, their payment plan was the real killer.

5 Common Fraudulent Offers

I could work from home and the money wasn't bad, either," Jane explained. 'Jane' showed us this employment agreement the company asked her to sign. The company provided her with an employment contract, tax forms and within days, she began receiving packages in the mail. Sweetheart Scams Fraudulent reshippers also lurk on dating websites. They send a few emails to get to know you and may even send photos or flowers. Once they have your attention, they ask you to help their business or family by shipping packages to Europe or Africa. Applicants are happy enough to have the chance to work from home, so they bite on the offer. As with similar scams, the job seeker has just spent thousands, and, not surprisingly, after the check clears, the data entry job never materializes.


So what is Package Forwarding or Re-shipping Work At Home Opportunity? Unfortunately, it's not working at home for UPS, FED EX, DHL or the USPS shipping packages. This so called opportunity is more like a variation of wire transfers or check cashing scams. Feb 04,  · It sounds like an easy way to earn a few extra dollars working from home, but it makes you part of an international criminal enterprise. Reshipping scams often begin with work at home ads like the one’s Thompson found. While some ads to work from home are legitimate, most are scams. Applicants should do as much homework as possible on companies before accepting.