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You may spend your days patrolling the streets or investigating specific crimes. However, the Internet has made it easier than ever for entrepreneurial fashion designers to market their own products to customers. Get Started with Northcentral University What is your highest level of education? Orthotic and Prosthetic Technician Fabricate artificial limbs and devices to help patients regain mobility. The application process is pretty straightforward. Think of how you would want to be compensated. You'll typically work in studios or at live events to take care of everything to do with sound.

Jobs at Fancy Hands HQ Located in Union Square in New York City, come work at a startup that is changing how individuals get work done and how businesses operate. We are pioneering a new labor model for a rapidly evolving workforce.

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Aircraft Mechanic Maintain and repair aircraft and various aircraft systems. Plumber Install and repair plumbing fittings. Diesel Mechanic Inspect, repair, and maintain diesel engines. Kinesiotherapist Help recovered patients continue to improve strength and movement. Pediatric Critical Care Nurse Help seriously ill children to heal. Massage Therapist Rid clients of aches by kneading and rubbing their muscles. Maintenance Technician Respond to daily requests to replace building fixtures.

Nursery Manager Manage a nursery and oversee the development and growth of plants. Physical Therapist Help patients recover from physical illnesses, injuries, or surgeries.

Makeup Artist Beautify clients through makeup. Cabinet Maker Create and install wooden cabinets. Occupational Therapist Assistant Teach disabled people exercises to make everyday living easier. Space Planner Make the best use of spaces by creating efficient plans. Dance Costume Designer Put together showy outfits that Dancers can move in. Dental Assistant Perform the many tasks that make a dental office run smoothly.

Tattoo Artist Ink all sorts of designs onto skin. Cosmetologist Keep clients' hair, skin, and nails pretty and healthy. Detective Investigate criminal cases to bring about justice. Esthetician Give skin-care treatments. Wildlife Rehabilitator Care for wild animals so they can be returned to their natural habitat.

Personal Fitness Trainer Show clients how to safely build strength and endurance through exercise. Corporate Executive Chef Prepare food from start to finish for corporate events. Chef Design menus, create recipes, and cook food.

Fashion Illustrator Translate a Fashion Designer's ideas into drawings. Landscape Architect Create parks and gardens as a licensed professional. Helicopter Mechanic Maintain and repair military and civilian helicopters.

Clinical Massage Therapist Relieve muscle injuries through massage. Archaeologist Dig up ancient relics of past societies. Designer Use your artistic talents to make innovative products. Registered Nurse Treat and care for sick or injured people with drugs and therapies. Landscape Designer Beautify spaces by planting greenery and erecting garden structures. Strength and Conditioning Coach Show athletes how to get stronger and in better shape with new exercises.

CNC Programmer Cut, shape, and finish materials using precision machines. Heavy Equipment Operator Operate heavy machinery at construction sites. Nail Technician Keep clients' hands polished and pretty. Jeweler Work with jewels or precious metals to get customers the bangles they want.

Biomedical Equipment Technician Inspect and calibrate complex medical diagnostic equipment. Fashion Stylist Choose clothes and accessories for celebrities. Environmental Artist Produce art to promote environmental causes. Neonatal Nurse Look after newborn babies in the hospital nursery. Jewelry Designer Create fantastic jewelry using gemstones and sparkling metals.

Football Scout Travel the country to discover promising new football talent. Shoe Designer Create stylish shoes for every occasion. Fashion Designer Set trends with your beautiful clothing designs. Photo Stylist Create the perfect atmosphere for photo shoots. There are very few pros to this company. Ability to work from home, flexible schedule that you can change with your needs, ability to choose assignments. Poor pay, work requests are often no estimated for a reasonable amount of time, many requests are unreasonable or unethical, requests for support are slow to respond and often unhelpful.

Increase pay rate, screen requests better, improve support to employees. Stop letting mentors play favorites with assistants.

If an assistant picks up a task that was unclaimed-don't let a mentor make an assistant feel bad or wrong for picking up an unclaimed task! The client is supposed to come first-and has been waiting for the task to be completed! If an assistant picks up an unclaimed task and completes it-the mentor should approve it-instead of trying to send it back to the original assistant who didn't complete it!! You work from home whenever you'd like. You can log on 24 hours a day.

Sometimes difficult clients, sometimes lack of managment. No cons to speak of but there needs to be more work flowing. Your response will be removed from the review — this cannot be undone.

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Pros You are able to work from home. Cons Low pay, long time to complete tasks, terrible mentors and managers I spent over 20 minutes on this task to be ridiculed about items that don't even pertain to the task itself.

Advice to Management Train mentors and managers to value assistants more. Flag as Inappropriate Flag as Inappropriate.

S dollar goes further, but not worth it in country. Pros You can work at home. Cons You will not see a return on your time investment. Advice to Management Think of how you would want to be compensated. Join the Fancy Hands team. See Our Latest Jobs. Training task malfunctioning,, no help to be found.

Career Information for Hands-On Jobs Done from Home

Get paid to work at home $ per unit of 30 Angels. Send in up to 3 units per week for payment = $ a week. Earn up to $ a month by sending 3 units each week for payment. Plus, tons of companies are looking for skilled workers in areas like manufacturing. So if you choose to work in this industry, you’ll have a good shot at a great long-term career and a pretty nice paycheck every two weeks. Scroll down to learn more about these awesome hands-on jobs. Company with Work At Home jobs Verizon Headquartered in New York, New York, Verizon, a telecommunications company, has more wireless service customers .


Check out this HUGE list of work at home jobs. There are remote, telecommuting, and freelance gigs for writers, virtual assistants, nurses, sales reps, call agents, customer service reps, transcribers, teachers, and many more positions! Fancy Hands hires remote-based workers to complete customer service requests like making phone calls on. Work from Home Jobs – Basic Administrative Tasks – Set Your Own Schedule. If you’re looking for a side gig from home, Fancy Hands hires people nationwide to do basic administrative tasks. The company . Hands-On Jobs From Home. People looking to work from home can find several options for hands-on careers in fields like art and caregiving. We discuss some of these careers, their expected job growth rates, median salaries and education requirements.